Reduce downtime and improve reliability

Physics-informed machine learning delivers cost savings in manufacturing that increase over time


Surface finish is a costly and unresolved issue

Example: In press & sinter operations, tool uptime is influenced by surface finish. Poorly controlled surfaces can cause 30-50% downtime in powder manufacturing


A purpose-built surface finish spec

We work with R&D engineers to understand the performance they wish to optimize, whether it is adhesion, friction, wear, electrical and thermal conductance, leakage, part lifetime, or other properties.

Our customers get a purpose-built surface finish metric that predicts the properties they care about.


For quality-assurance and R&D

Our service empowers customers to collect data, train a machine-learning model, and implement insights into production. Our physics-informed machine learning is designed to be trained on the limited datasets typically available in manufacturing applications.


Who we are

Surface Design Solutions, Inc. is a spinoff of cutting-edge technologies from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Freiburg. The founding team combines more than 40 years of experience in surface metrology, data science and physics-based modeling.

Learn more

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